Selected Recent and Upcoming Public and Academic Events

June 2023, Invited presenter, Crypto: Artistic, Legal, Financial Issues, Zurich Art Weekend, University of Zurich.

June 2023, Invited speaker, Re:Publica, Berlin.

June 2023, Keynote speaker, Interdisciplinary Workshop on Market Studies, University of Edinburgh

April 2023, Invited workshop participant, Political Ideologies of Silicon Valley, CASBS, Stanford.

March 2023, Invited presenter, "The Work of Scams," LaborTechNet, Online

January 2023, Research Release: CBDC: Expanding Financial Inclusion or Deepening the Divide? MIT Digital Currency Initiative, Online.

Selected Recent Press

December 2022, article by Molly Fischer, "Yam Karkai's Illustrations Made Her an N.F.T. Sensation. Now What?" The New Yorker.

November 2022, article by Leo Schwartz, "How a dodgy crypto influencer got rich on YouTube and Twitter-- while the platforms and the SEC failed to act." Fortune.

July 2033 Article by Hannah Zeavin, "The Victim Cloud: Gullibility in the Golden Age of Scams," Harpers.

May 2022, article by Ed Miller, Sarah Lindenfeld Hall, and Caroline Kettlewell,"The Future, Ready or Not: From tiny sensors to massive data, UVA visionaries ponder the coming technology and all that comes with it," Virginia Magazine.

February 2022, interivew with Guy Mackinnon-Little, "In conversation with Lana Swartz" TANK, February

February 2022, article by Sean Russell, "OnlyFans and the porn ban. What really happened?" The Independent.

January 2022, article by Anna Wiener, "Money in the Metaverse: In a virtual world full of virtual goods, finance could get weird" New Yorker.