Selected Recent Public and Academic Events

January 2022, Invited Colloquium Speaker, Stanford University

Decebmer 2021, Invited Speakers, Digital Matters, Siegen University, Germany

October 2021, Judge and panelist, 'Imagining the Future of Money," Sibos, SWIFT Innotribe

July 2021, Fellows talk, "Scam: Shadowing the Digital Economy," Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities, University of Edinburgh

June 2021, Invited speaker, "Communities of Money," Crypto Talks part 2: Making Cents, Bakken & Baeck, Oslo Norway

May 2021, "How Payment Became Social Media," Research Seminar of the Austrian Central Bank, Vienna.

May 2021, Academic Workshop, "The Hustle Economy: Race, Gender and Digital Entrepreneurship," organized by Sareeta Amrute, Tressie McMillam Cottom, and Lana Swartz, Data + Society

April 2021, "The Carework of Financial Labour," Care and Capitalism: New Directions in Feminist Digital Scholarship, International Communication Association

April 2021, "How Payment Became Social Media," with respondant Nate Tkacz and Rachel O'Dwyer. Center for Digital Inquiry, Warwick University, UK

March 2021, "Dirty Money, Clean Apps," Clean Up This Mess: Thinking Through Media, Materials and Cleanliness, Society for Cinema and Media Studies

January 2021, Book Launch: "New Money: How Payment Became Social Media, with panelists Viviana Zelizer, Caitlin Zaloom, Andrew Lakoff, and Finn Brunton, Mike Ananny. Center for Science, Technology and Public Life,University of Southern California, Los Angeles

Selected Recent Press

October 2021, podcast guest, Why does crypto love Twitter? FinTech Beat with Chris Brummer

September 2021, article by Brady Dale, EBay Has BitBoy But Its 'Strange' NFT Strategy Risks Missing a Boom for the Ages The Defiant

September 2021, article by Makenna Kelly, "How a GameStonk YouTuber is shaking up the California recall" The Verge

August 2021, article by Jillian C. York, "The real OnlyFans scandal is the unaccountable power of platforms and banks" The Guardian

August 2021, article by Mitchell Clark, The JRR Token cryptocurrency is almost certainly headed for Mt. Doom The Verge

June 2021, podcast guest, What actually are scams in the world of cryptocurrency?" SpaceCast with Brady Dale

May 2021, article by Laura Hautala, Venmo can reveal too much about you. People like it anyway, CNET, May 17, 2021.

April 2021, short documentary by Zara Meerza, Is Venmo a Social Network? Vice News Network

March 2021, article by Elizabeth Lopatto, NBA on NFT, The Verge

March 2021, news segment, GameStop: To the Moon and Back, BBC

February 2021, article by Cecelia D'Anastasio, Gaming Sites are Still Letting White Supremacists Profit from Hate, Wired

February 2021, podcast guest, The Power of Payment Platforms, The Big Tech Podcasst with Tyler Owen

January 2021, article by John Herrman, Everything is a Joke Until it's Not, New York Times

January 2021, article by Jon Sarlin, Inside the Reddit army that's crushing Wall Street, CNN Business